Organizations featured in the film

Sea Education Association

Plastics @ SEA Expedition Blog

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Marine Biological Laboratory


Press about the Plastics @ SEA expedition

From Anacostia To The Atlantic: How Our Trash Travels,” WAMU radio, May 2012
Features interviews with Into The Gyre scientist Giora Proskurowski and SEA’s Science Coordinator Mary Engels.

Plastic Particles Permeate the Atlantic,” Oceanus magazine. August 2010

Marine Scientists, Students Find Widespread Floating Plastic Debris in North Atlantic Ocean,” National Science Foundation, August 2010

How Bad is the Plastic Pollution in the Atlantic?” Popular Mechanics, August 2010

Ocean Garbage Patch Not Growing – Where’s the “Mission” Plastic?” National Geographic, August 2010

In Atlantic Debris, Good News and Bad,” New York Times, August 2010

Massive North Atlantic Garbage Patch Mapped,” Wired, August 2010

The Other Oil Spill,” Public Radio International’s Living on Earth, July 2010

Fishing for pollution in the Atlantic,” Boston Globe, July 2010

Quantifying Plastic Junk in the Atlantic Ocean,” WBUR radio, July 2010

Plastic rubbish blights Atlantic Ocean,” BBC, February 2010


Ocean Gyre Research and Plastic Pollution Advocacy Organizations

NOAA Marine Debris Program

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Natural Resources Defense Council

Surfrider Foundation

Five Gyres

Environmental Cleanup Coalition

Algalita Marine Research Institute

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