Into the Gyre is a fascinating educational documentary about the “great garbage patch” of the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists, volunteers, and filmmakers set out to dispel the misinformation about garbage patches and to better document the extent of the one in the Caribbean Sea. Viewers quickly realize the massive garbage patch is not so easy to see as it consists of tiny pieces of floating plastic, yet we learn from the film these tiny bits add up. While this is not the first documentary about plastic in the oceans, it is a much-needed addition and most welcomed for its scientific perspective instead of sensationalism. 

Documenting a month long voyage of researchers and alumni from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Sea Education Association (SEA), the film captures the lives of scientists in the field and lab. The scientists are inspiring as they share their enthusiasm for their expedition, research, and the future. Because of the scientific terminology used, the film is likely best for high school or college students already studying earth science, oceanography, environmental science, or marine biology.


Reviewed by Kristan Majors Chilcoat, Woodruff Library, Emory University 
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